how to decorate your windows & doors for the holidays

December 25, 2012

Hi everyone! It’s Shannon and Robin from Hoopla Event Design & Styling! We are both event and interior design enthusiasts and we hope we can bring a different perspective on decorating for the holidays. And before we forget to say it….


We are so honoured to be on Fieldstone Windows & Doors blog on today of all days to talk about how to decorate your windows and doors for the holidays. If you’ve already missed the boat for decorating this year, we want to share ideas on how to make those holiday decorations last through to the end of the winter….or even the whole year! It doesn’t have to be all reds and greens folks!

First up are wreaths. Every good door needs one.

We are big fans of beautiful, plain green wreaths. All of the winter greens are so gorgeous at this time of year that they don’t need a lot to make them look stunning. If you want to add some colour, you can always incorporate a few berries or hang them with ribbon to give it that festive look without overpowering the perfection of a living wreath.

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Once all of the holiday festivities are said and done, just switch up the ribbon to a more neutral colour and your wreath will be good to go until the Spring.

And don’t forget about the windows! Wreaths can really add some extra oomph for the holidays. You could do one per window, multiple wreaths or, instead of a wreath, use some greens to create a festive word, like “JOY”.

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If you want to go beyond the typical wreath, a garland is a nice touch that can frame both windows and doors. You can also get really creative with the materials and colours you choose to use.

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Stars, pinwheels, Christmas trees and presents – the sky is really the limit here! And, depending on the type of garland you choose, it could stay up for the whole Winter season. Actually, Robin and I both have festive garlands that stay up all year round because they are not in the traditional Christmas colours and shapes.

But our clear winner for window and door décor this year is the peace sign wreath. There’s no better message to send out, not only for the holiday season, but throughout the year.

Thank you so much to Fieldstone Windows & Doors for letting us take part in your blog series on such a special day. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Peace out!

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