how to work your curves

October 2, 2012

Curved windows that is! Hello there, I’m Lindsey Gerrish from the blog Recreated and I’m happy to be here at Fieldstone Windows & Doors to share with you one of my fave types of windows. You guessed it, the curvy ones. Curved windows can take many forms and can be used in many ways, but one thing is for sure, they always make a statement.
This tall curved number accentuates a beautiful view.
These beauties completely make this space into the perfect picturesque greenhouse/arboretum.
These wooden beauties with the unique modern muntin patterns are stunners.
The amazing architectural details on these curved windows make them perfect for a traditional space.
And curves look fabulous from the exterior as well.
These next 2 modern two-story gems both highlight the spiral staircases inside.
And this porch would not be completed without these great curved windows with the 6 x 6 grid pattern on top.
Here is a picture of a lovely 9 pane curved window recently being installed by Fieldstone Windows and Doors.
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See? Curves are good, especially in windows! I wonder if my landlord would pay to have curved windows put in my place? Hmm, probably not.Thanks for having me!

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