first, second and third impressions are the best!

November 14, 2012

We all know that creating a first impression is very important. That saying goes for your home also. One of the most common ways to create an impact with your guests is welcoming them with a fabulously painted front door. Once they step inside your home, it doesn’t stop there. The foyer or entryway in your home creates the initial impression a visitor will have of your home decor. Although it’s only a transitional space that is walked through briefly — the statement you make should be memorable! So why stop there. Why not create a final impact by painting the interior of your front door!

Hi there! It’s Christine from Decor by Christine where I write about everything glamorous at The Glam Blog, and I’m excited to be blogging here at Fieldstone Windows & Doors. Let me show you some fabulous painted interior doors that hopefully will inspire you to take the plunge and get rid of boring white doors.

A black door is always a chic option – it’s timeless and definitely raises the glam factor in any entryway.

On the other hand, life is short. So why not add a burst of bright colour and liven up your foyer. Deciding on a hue for the interior of your front door is as simple as choosing your favourite colour or picking out a colour from an area rug or piece of art.

What about fire engine red to spice up your foyer?

Turquoise Blue can create a cool crisp beachy vibe to your door.

Sunny yellow will definitely leave a permanent smile on your guests’ faces.

Green is a wonderful gender neutral colour that won’t turn off them males in the

If painting the interior of your door is still a big step for you, then try it in simple steps.

Try painting the panel insets of the door in a different colour to also
create a fresh look, like the image below.

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And one last piece of advice, choose a paint colour that you love and that reflects your personality. Remember, your home is a reflection of who you are!!


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