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April 11, 2012

I first met Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe in 2006 at the site of Sarah’s House 1 in Toronto. It was late summer when I visited the house.

Photo of Sarah's House 1 under construction

Sarah's House 1 under construction

I thought I was simply going to measure up for new windows and doors, and be on my way. Instead, I was greeted by the film crew and wired up for sound. After signing the appropriate release forms, Sarah, Tommy and I discussed the windows styles, colours and hardware on film. Exciting!

Photo of Sarah Richardson and Ken Simpson

Sarah Richardson and Ken Simpson, owner of Fieldstone Windows and Doors Ltd.

The new windows arrived in December and we began putting them in.

Photo of a Fieldstone Windows truck at Sarah's House 1

Fieldstone Windows at Sarah's House 1

Working on the set of a television shoot was unlike anything we had done before. There seemed to be twice the amount of tradespeople as normal (all trying to meet their deadlines) as well as film and technical people all busy and stepping over each other.
Several times each day all the saws, hammers, drills and sanders had to stop. There would be a call for “silence” and we would drop what we were doing and stand still. Sarah or Tommy would film a segment with a trade, or discuss the design ideas for a room, or choose paint colours. The filming could take 30 minutes, an hour or more and we would all stand by quietly and watch, or have a coffee until the word was given that we could resume.
We all loved working on the project and enjoy watching the programs.

Photo of finished Sarah's House 1

Sarah's House 1 is finished

Since Sarah’s House 1, we have also been involved in several episodes of Design Inc, Sarah’s House 2, Sarah’s Cottage, Sarah’s House 3 and Sarah 101. You can see more of Fieldstone Windows’ work with Sarah Richardson in our photo gallery.

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