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March 9, 2014

Doors of Dublin Poster

The original 1970 Doors of Dublin poster showed the beauty of Georgian doorways around Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin, Ireland. The history of the Doors of Dublin poster can be found at the Irish Landmarks website or also at The Past Whispers website.

The original doors of Dublin poster

The Doors of Dublin Poster

The story goes that a townhouse developer in Dublin laid down very strict architectural guidelines for these homes. Each home was identical to the next in the smallest detail. To differentiate them, home owners painted their doors different colours and added ornate door knockers or wrought iron boot scrapers by the front door.

Photos of Dublin Doors

While on a trip to Ireland, I had an opportunity to view the doors of Dublin firsthand. Some of the doors which I saw were plain, such as the black door below.

Photo of black door

Black Door

Other doors were more colourful, like the blue and red door below.

Photograph of an ornate blue and red door in Dublin, Ireland

Ornate Blue and Red Door with Half-Round Transom and Columns in Dublin

Each of the doors has an arched transom above the door.

Photograph of a yellow door with an arched transom at Dunloe Hall, Dublin

Yellow Door at Dunloe Hall, Dublin

Some doors had sidelites like the green door below.

Photograph of a light green door with an arched transom in Dublin

Green Door with Arched Transom

Others had columns.

Black Door with Columns and Arched Transom at Irish Broker’s Association

This red door has an arched transom, sidelites and columns all in one.

Bright Red Door with Sidelights and Shaped Transom in Dublin

How does the colourful gem below strike you? It’s the front door to Sarah Richardson Design. It incorporates bright red colour, sidelites and a transom. While it’s not in the style of the doors of Dublin, it certainly grabs your attention.

Photograph of the red front door at Sarah Richardson's office

Sarah Richardson Design’s Red Front Door

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