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Window Film Quiz Answer #5: Quarter Round Wood Windows

Did you guess which movie home featured these quarter-round wood windows from our quarter round windows film quiz? It’s The Amityville Horror. The Amityville Horror movies were based on the 1977 book by [Read More]

Round Windows – Film Quiz

Quarter-Round Windows Can you guess which movie house showcased quarter-round windows? Hint: the house in this movie was built in the Dutch Colonial Revival style. The round windows are not the focus of [Read More]

Film Quiz Answer 4

Were you able to guess what popular 90’s film featured this house full of windows?             If you guessed Home Alone, way to go!!  Who could forget young [Read More]

This house full of windows was the setting for what popular 90’s film?

Hint: Never leave your kids … This stunning home, in the Georgian architectural style, features grilles in the windows and doors. A beautiful transom caps the front door.

Film Quiz Answer 3

Did you guess which film featured these brightly decorated windows?               If you guessed National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you are correct. This movie is a classic!!  Poor [Read More]

Film Quiz Answer 2

Did you guess which film featured  the fabulous home from our previous post?         The fabulous contemporary house mentioned is home to the Cullen family of the amazingly popular Twilight [Read More]

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