allison’s cottage window – part 1

February 18, 2012

Today I drove to the Kawartha Lakes to quote a cottage window for Allison and Tony’s cottage. Allison is one of the designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Sarah Richardson Design, but today I am pricing a window for her, not a client. I arrived a few minutes early and took a walk around outside. Oh my gosh, what a cottage – fieldstone chimney, cedar shakes, wood siding, stone retaining wall. It was barely zero outside but I was imagining lazy summer days at the waterfront.

Photo of the back of the cottage

Rear View of the Cottage

The existing wood windows are in good shape and suit the decor, but Allison has some remodelling plans that include enlarging this particular window. Other trades were arriving as I was taking final measurements. The final product will be stunning!

Photo of Allison


The cottage is a timber frame construction. Timber framing (or post-and-beam) was originally used for barn construction. Hand-hewn beams were fastened together with wooden pegs and allowed for wide expanses without interior walls. Modern post and beam houses are often well insulated having a continuous outer shell of foam.

Timber Frame Cottage Interior

Timber Frame Cottage Interior

I kinda hate to leave, but I have to get back to the office and get some pricing for this cottage window off to Tony and Allison.


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